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Pebbling meets coloring: Reversible pebble game on trees
, Komarath Balagopal,
Published in Elsevier BV
Volume: 91
Pages: 33 - 41

We show that for any rooted directed tree T, its reversible pebble game number is always just one more than the edge rank coloring number of the underlying undirected tree U of T. It is known that given a DAG G as input, determining its reversible pebble game number is PSPACE-hard. Our result implies that the reversible pebble game number of trees can be computed in polynomial time. Using this connection as a tool, we also address several questions including that of finding the number of steps required to optimally pebble various families of trees.

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JournalData powered by TypesetJournal of Computer and System Sciences
PublisherData powered by TypesetElsevier BV
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