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Simple soft-switched phase-shifted FB converter for reduced voltage stress and negligible duty cycle loss
Published in Institution of Engineering and Technology
Volume: 12
Issue: 11
Pages: 2780 - 2792
A simple modified configuration of the conventional phase-shifted full-bridge (C-PSFB) converter, phase-shifted FB converter without filter inductor (PSFB-w/o-L) is proposed in this study in order to reduce the peak voltage stress on the rectifier diodes. As the proposed configuration is devoid of filter inductor, it features lighter weight and low cost. As the proposed configuration is achieved eliminating the filter inductor, the maximum voltage that comes across the rectifier diode is limited to the output voltage, thus eliminating the need for snubber circuit. Additionally, the proposed PSFB-w/o-L has the advantage of negligible duty cycle loss. A comprehensive analysis on the mechanism of the peak voltage problem across the rectifier diode in the C-PSFB is addressed and the way it is eliminated in the proposed PSFB-w/o-L is described. The detailed analysis of the operation and design consideration of the proposed PSFB-w/o-L is presented. Simulation and experimental results are presented to verify the analysis. © The Institution of Engineering and Technology 2019.
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JournalIET Power Electronics
PublisherInstitution of Engineering and Technology
Open AccessNo
Concepts (12)
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    Electric inductors
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    Power converters
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    Comprehensive analysis
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    Design considerations
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    Filter inductors
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    Output voltages
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    Snubber circuit
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    Voltage stress
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    Electric rectifiers