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pPerturb: A Server for Predicting Long-Distance Energetic Couplings and Mutation-Induced Stability Changes in Proteins via Perturbations
, , Devanshu Devanshu, Rajasekaran Nandakumar, Anantakrishnan Sathvik
Published in American Chemical Society (ACS)
Volume: 5
Issue: 2
Pages: 1142 - 1146

The strength of intraprotein interactions or contact network is one of the dominant factors determining the thermodynamic stabilities of proteins. The nature and the extent of connectivity of this network also play a role in allosteric signal propagation characteristics upon ligand binding to a protein domain. Here, we develop a server for rapid quantification of the strength of an interaction network by employing an experimentally consistent perturbation approach previously validated against a large data set of 375 mutations in 19 different proteins. The web server can be employed to predict the extent of destabilization of proteins arising from mutations in the protein interior in experimentally relevant units. Moreover, coupling distances—a measure of the extent of percolation on perturbation—and overall perturbation magnitudes are predicted in a residue-specific manner, enabling a first look at the distribution of energetic couplings in a protein or its changes upon ligand binding. We show specific examples of how the server can be employed to probe for the distribution of local stabilities in a protein, to examine changes in side chain orientations or packing before and after ligand binding, and to predict changes in stabilities of proteins upon mutations of buried residues.

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