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IITM B-Robot: A bioinspired reconfigurable quadruped robot for all terrain applications using 3-DoF legs
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 1441 - 1447
This paper introduces IITM B-Robot, a bioinspired reconfigurable quadruped robot, capable of transforming its posture from erect to sprawl and vice versa, and capable of changing its configurations depending on the terrain. The capability ensures the robot able to move with maximum speed and greater stability at all-terrain conditions. In this research work, it has been proposed to develop a robot having 3-DoF legs for reducing energy consumption and cost reduction. Two identical robot designs are proposed, one with 3-DoF legs and another having 4-DoF legs and a comparative study has been done between them by calculating the torque requirement at each leg joints by carrying out multibody dynamics simulation for a complete robot. The trajectory planning equations have arrived such that the robot legs touchdown with minimum impact. Optimal design for impact to save the actuator from damage and finite element analysis of parts for refinement of dimensions has been carried out. © 2020 The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers - SICE.