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Universality in the emergence of oscillatory instabilities in turbulent flows
I. Pavithran, V.R. Unni, A.J. Varghese, , A. Saha, N. Marwan, J. Kurths
Published in Institute of Physics Publishing
Volume: 129
Issue: 2
Self-organization driven by feedback between subsystems is ubiquitous in turbulent fluid mechanical systems. This self-organization manifests as emergence of oscillatory instabilities and is often studied in different system-specific frameworks. We uncover the existence of a universal scaling behaviour during self-organization in turbulent flows leading to oscillatory instability. Our experiments show that the spectral amplitude of the dominant mode of oscillations scales with the Hurst exponent of a fluctuating state variable following an inverse power law relation. Interestingly, we observe the same power law behaviour with a constant exponent near -2 across various turbulent systems such as aeroacoustic, thermoacoustic and aeroelastic systems. © CopyrightEPLA, 2020.
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