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Ultrasound-Based Regularized Log Spectral Difference Method for Monitoring Microwave Hyperthermia
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 6387 - 6390
The feasibility of using normalized cumulative difference attenuation (NCDA) map for tracking the spatial and temporal evolution of temperature during microwave hyperthermia experiment on in-vitro phantoms is explored in this study. The NCDA maps were estimated from the beamformed ultrasound radio frequency (RF) data using a regularized log spectral difference (RLSD) technique. The NCDA maps were estimated at different time instants for the entire period of the experiment. The contour maps of the NCDA and the ground truth temperature map, obtained using an infra-red(IR) thermal camera corresponding to the ultrasound imaging plane, showed that NCDA was able to locate the axial and lateral co-ordinates of the hotspot with the error of < 1.5 mm axially and < 0.1 mm laterally. The error in the estimated hotspot area was less than 8 %. This preliminary in-vitro study suggests that NCDA maps estimated using RLSD may have potential in evaluating the spatio-temporal evolution of temperature and may help in the development of ultrasound-based image-guided temperature monitoring system for microwave hyperthermia. © 2019 IEEE.