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Towards intelligent building systems: Evaluating user acceptance of automatic control
, Chen Y., Sekhar S.C., Tham K.W.
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This paper describes a set of experiments that were conducted to evaluate user acceptance of different control strategies in the domain of personalized ventilation. Personalized ventilation involves supplying treated fresh air closer to the breathing zone and has the potential to maintain a healthier environment closer to the occupied zone. Two control strategies were implemented and evaluated in a series of experiments involving human subjects. The first strategy involved manual controls; the second one employed an automatic algorithm in which user preferences were accommodated. Both strategies had high user acceptance even though manual control scored slightly higher. The main problem with the automatic system was found to be the relatively long time required to achieve desired output, during which users thought that the system was behaving erratically. The automatic control algorithm was adapted after obtaining feedback from the users. © 2018 Esprit. All rights reserved.
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JournalEG-ICE 2010 - 17th International Workshop on Intelligent Computing in Engineering
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