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Steady state and stability characteristics of a hydrodynamic journal bearing with a non-Newtonian lubricant
S. T.N. Swamy, B. V.A. Rao
Published in
Volume: 42
Issue: 2
Pages: 229 - 244
The effect of the non-Newtonian behaviour of lubricants, resulting from the addition of polymers, on the performance of hydrodynamic journal bearings was investigated. An empirical fluid flow equation which adequately represents the flow behaviour of lubricant was used to obtain a modified form of Reynolds' equation. Finite difference numerical solutions were obtained for steady state conditions at various width-to-diameter ratios. The results show a strong influence of the width-to-diameter ratio on the load capacity of journal bearings. Linearised stiffness and damping coefficients were evaluated from the fluid film force equations for the unsteady motion of the journal centre and were used to predict the stability limits of a simple rigid rotor-bearing system which showed a reduction in threshold speeds. The steady state load capacity and stability limits were verified experimentally for finite width bearings. © 1977.
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    Flow of fluids - non newtonian
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    Lubricants - thin films
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    Mathematical techniques - finite difference method
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