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Screening and selection of camptothecin producing endophytes from Nothapodytes nimmoniana
I.A.H.K. Mohinudeen, S. Pandey, H. Kanniyappan, , S. Srivastava
Published in Nature Research
PMID: 34045605
Volume: 11
Issue: 1
Endophytic fungi with the ability to produce plant based secondary metabolites are a potential alternative for producing the host plant metabolite and to prevent natural plants from extinction. To isolate a high metabolite yielding endophytic strain from plants, hundreds of endophytic strains are screened and tested for product yield separately under axenic state, before shortlisting the potential endophyte, which involves huge time consumption. In this study, strategies for screening and selection of high camptothecin yielding endophytes from their natural habitat were proposed. A correlation was built between the camptothecin yield in the explants and the endophytes isolated from them. In addition, camptothecin yield was compared between the endophytes isolated from young and matured plants. Further, camptothecin producers and non-producers strains were compared for their tolerance toward camptothecin. The study indicates that high camptothecin yielding endophytes were isolated from high yielding explants and younger plants and they were more tolerant to camptothecin in comparison to non-camptothecin yielding endophytes. Thus, choosing a young and high yielding explant for endophyte isolation, and use of camptothecin as a selective agent in the growth medium, can be instrumental in screening and selection of high camptothecin yielding endophytes from nature in relatively less time. © 2021, The Author(s).
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JournalScientific Reports
PublisherNature Research