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Retrieval of humidity and temperature profiles overthe oceans from INSAT 3D satellite radiances
C. V. Krishnamoorthy,
Published in Indian Academy of Sciences
Volume: 125
Issue: 2
Pages: 217 - 230
In this study, retrieval of temperature and humidity profiles of atmosphere from INSAT 3D-observed radiances has been accomplished. As the first step, a fast forward radiative transfer model using an Artificial neural network has been developed and it was proven to be highly effective, giving a correlation coefficient of 0.97. In order to develop this, a diverse set of physics-based clear sk profiles of pressure (P), temperature (T) and specific humidity (q) has been developed. The developed database was further used for geophysical retrieval experiments in two different frameworks, namely, an ANN and Bayesian estimation. The neural network retrievals were performed for three different cases, viz., temperature only retrieval, humidity only retrieval and combined retrieval. The temperature/humidity only ANN retrievals were found superior to combined retrieval using an ANN. Furthermore, Bayesian estimation showed superior results when compared with the combined ANN retrievals. © Indian Academy of Sciences.
About the journal
JournalJournal of Earth System Science
PublisherIndian Academy of Sciences
Open AccessNo
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    Artificial neural network
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    Maximum likelihood analysis
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    Radiative transfer
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    Relative humidity
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    Satellite data
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