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Renewable heat powered polygeneration system based on an advanced absorption cycle for rural communities
Praveen Kumar G., Ayou D.S., Narendran C., Saravanan R., , Coronas A.
Published in Elsevier Ltd
Volume: 262
Integrated thermodynamic system for multiple products such as polygeneration systems utilizes the resource energy efficiently. In this research paper, an advanced absorption cycle based on renewable source heat driven polygeneration is proposed for multiple products to rural communities. This cycle is an ammonia-water absorption cycle with parallel evaporators for different cooling options and the power production. Net power output is increased either by decrease of the pumping power or increase of the pressure ratio. The two absorbers, which are incorporated in the advanced absorption cycle, provides both these advantages. The rejected heat is utilised either for fresh water production, drying or domestic hot water applications. The influence of medium pressure (MP) absorber temperature, generator temperature, condenser temperature and the refrigerant flow to cooling and power sub cycle is analysed. The maximum resource utilization efficiency and system exergy efficiency of the advanced absorption polygeneration is about 22.46% and 12.26% respectively at a typical operating condition with the generator temperature of 230 °C. © 2022
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