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Performance analysis and enhancement of the ballistic range
, Kim H.D., Setoguchi T., Raghunathan S.
Published in
Volume: 221
Issue: 5
Pages: 649 - 659
The ballistic range has long been employed in a variety of engineering fields such as high-velocity impact engineering, projectile aerodynamics, and aeroballistics, since it can create an extremely high-pressure state in a very short time. Of many different types of ballistic ranges developed to date, a two-stage light-gas gun is being employed most extensively. Since the operation of the ballistic range involves many complicated gas dynamic processes, optimization of various design parameters of the ballistic range is important for the durability of its components. In the present study, a theoretical analysis has been carried out to investigate various unsteady processes involved in the operation of the ballistic range and to assess the performance of the ballistic range. The results obtained are validated with the available experimental data. A shock tube is added in between the pump tube and launch tube and its effect on the performance of the ballistic range is quantified using the present theoretical analysis. Several methods are employed to define the ballistic efficiency. The effect of ratio of pump tube area to launch tube area on the performance is also investigated. A significant performance enhancement is obtained in the ballistic range with the addition of a shock tube. © IMechE 2007.
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JournalProceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part G: Journal of Aerospace Engineering
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