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Nanosecond Pulsed Laser Activated Massively Parallel Single-cell Intracellular Delivery Using Ti Micro-Dish
P. Shinde, K. Illath, S. Kar,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 320 - 324
Single-cell intracellular delivery is a booming field of interest with the various challenges faced due to the impermeability of cargo to the cell membrane barrier. The idea is to locally disrupt cell membrane for allowing cargo passage into the cytosol such as to create its therapeutic effect. Till to date, most of the intracellular delivery is performed in bulk approaches, which provides an average ensemble data, losing low-frequency rare information. Besides, reliable results require huge data from multiple cells. Hence, to ensure huge data on individual cells it becomes necessary to carry out delivery experiments on a large number of single-cells simultaneously. This ensures the same experimental conditions conserving heterogeneity in the cell population. The collection of data from individual cells provides information about rare low-frequency alleles in the cell population. Massively parallel delivery ensures such uniform experimental conditions with uniform cargo delivery to a large number of individual cells. The proposed device platform is an array of photothermal Micro-dish patterned with fibronectin protein to obtain specific Single-cell attachment. The device can deliver 10, 000 individual cells with 97% efficiency and 95% cell viability simultaneously. © 2020 IEEE.