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Modeling the combined photo-chemo/thermo-mechanical actuation in azobenzene-doped liquid crystal thin films
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Volume: 129
Issue: 14
Azo-doped liquid crystal polymer network (LCN) thin films are promising candidates for the development of soft-robots. These azo-doped LCNs exhibit either photo-chemo-mechanical or photo-thermo-mechanical or both deformations based on the type of azo-molecule used for doping, the type of external stimulus, and the surrounding environment. This paper presents a computational model capable of simulating this combined photo-chemo/thermo-mechanical deformation phenomena. Moreover, the influence of attenuation of light through the thickness and the influence of variation in the through-thickness alignment of mesogens are considered in the model. A detailed investigation of the influence of isomerization parameters, light intensity, and thermal parameters on light-induced temperature rise and the resultant deformations is also presented. The developed model shows good agreement with the experimental measurements available in the literature for the temperatures and deformations attained by azo-doped LCN films under illumination while placed in air/water. © 2021 Author(s).
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JournalJournal of Applied Physics
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