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Hot corrosion-creep interaction in IN718 under simulated marine environment: Introducing strain-associated-time (SAT) plots for comprehensive understanding

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Creep-rupture behaviour of IN718 with deposit of 87.5 wt.%Na2SO4+5 wt.%NaCl+7.5 wt.%NaVO3 (3SM) in the stress range of 550–850 MPa at 650 ◦C is investigated. 3SM shortens the creep-rupture time by ≈70–90 %. Comprehensive microstructural analysis suggests that oxygen-induced-dynamic- embrittlement, sulphidation followed by oxidation, and vanadic-hot corrosion operate during creep. Creep-hot corrosion interaction influence on rupture strain is explained by introducing strain-associated-time (SAT) and Δtε plots, for the first time. These plots accompanied by detailed microstructural examination demonstrate that deleterious influence of 3SM increases with decreasing stress. Further, SAT plots and EPMA analysis confirm that oxygen-induced-dynamicembrittlement commences from ~9% strain under 3SM at 550 MPa.

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