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Glitch-aware pattern generation and optimization framework for power-safe scan test
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Pages: 167 - 172
Excessive dynamic voltage drop in the power supply rails during test mode is known to result in false failures and impact yield when testing devices that use low-cost wire-bond packages. Identifying and debugging such test failures is a complex and effort-intensive process, especially when scan compression is involved. From a design cycle-time view point, it is best to avoid this problem by generating "power-safe" scan patterns. The generation of power-safe patterns must take into consideration the DFT architecture, physical design, timing and power constraints. In this paper, we propose such a framework and show experimental results on some benchmark circuits. Our framework can address a non-uniform power grid and region-based power constraints. We show that glitching activity on nodes must be considered in order to correctly handle constraints on instantaneous peak power. Our framework includes a power profiler that can analyze a pattern source for violations and a PODEM-based pattern generation engine for generating power-safe patterns. © 2007 IEEE.
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JournalProceedings of the IEEE VLSI Test Symposium
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