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Extracting airwake cross-correlation and cross-spectrum models from a database for routine applications
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Volume: 2
Pages: 1198 - 1121
A framework based on perturbation theory is presented for extracting crosscorrelation and cross-spectrum models from a database from experimental and CFD-based investigations. This framework covers all three velocity components at two arbitrarily chosen points on a horizontal plane and for arbitrary orientation of relative wind. These extracted models are interpretive models in that they have a simpler analytical structure that helps delineate airwake in both domains; moreover, they are virtually tailored to routine simulations and such other applications, say as a predictive tool. As for the approach, the crosscorrelations are approximated by perturbation series, in which the first terms have a form of the corresponding von Karman two-point correlation functions. These series are then transformed into equivalent perturbation series of cross-spectra. The perturbation coefficients are determined by satisfying the analytical constraints in the formulation and through a nonlinear curve-fitting on a set of selected data points in the low-frequency bandwidth (0.06 ≤ f Hz ≤ 1.6). The strengths and weaknesses of the framework and its applications to a database are included; generally, a first order perturbation correction (a two-term perturbation series) is found to be adequate. © 2010 by the American Helicopter Society International, Inc.
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JournalAnnual Forum Proceedings - AHS International
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