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Experimental studies on sabot separation at intermediate ballistics
Sreelal M.,
Published in DEStech Publications Inc.
Volume: 1
Pages: 1161 - 1167
Experimental investigations have been performed on a 25mm sub-caliber projectile in theintermediate ballistics regime. The main objectives were to visualize the flow interactions atthe vicinity of the launch tube with the sabot and projectile and prediction of the sabot petaltrajectory within the muzzle blast. Sabots with a rear lifting surface have been designed toachieve rapid separation from the projectile using the muzzle blast energy in order to avoidprojectile sabot mechanical interaction. Preliminary results show that there is a lifting-up ofthe sabot in a parallel fashion with respect to the projectile without any mechanicalinteractions. © 2019 by International Ballistics Society All rights reserved.
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JournalProceedings - 31st International Symposium on Ballistics, BALLISTICS 2019
PublisherDEStech Publications Inc.
Open AccessNo