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Evaluating the influence of microstructural attributes: Fraction, composition, size and spatial distribution of phases on the oxidation behaviour of high-entropy alloys
Anupam A., Ang A.S.M., Guruvidyathri K., Abbas M., Sivaprahasam D., Munroe P., Berndt C.C., ,
Published in
Volume: 184
Oxidation behaviour of five high entropy alloys (HEAs): AlCoCrFeNi, Al2CoCrFeNi, Al2CoCr1.5FeNi, AlCoCrNi and AlCoCr0.5Ni, has been studied at 1100 °C in the cast-annealed condition. Al2CoCrFeNi and AlCoCr0.5Ni HEAs exhibit the lowest oxidation rates of the order of 10−12 g2 cm−4-s−1. Al-rich nanoscale precipitates are observed to aid protective oxide growth. The Al-lean phase fraction and its Al content also have a major effect on the alloy's oxidation behaviour. A parameter ‘X’ taking the ratio of these two has been introduced, which coupled with CALPHAD predictions can be a potential tool to shortlist HEAs for oxidation resistance applications. © 2021 Elsevier Ltd
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JournalCorrosion Science
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