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Effect of integrated ride and cornering dynamics of a military vehicle on the weapon responses
, Balamurugan V., Saayan Banerjee
Published in SAGE Publications Ltd
Volume: 232
Issue: 4
Pages: 536 - 554
The present study brings out the influence of a non-linear dynamics model of military vehicle with trailing arm suspension, on the weapon dynamics responses. A 20 degrees of freedom integrated ride and cornering dynamics model has sequentially been coupled with the 7 degrees of freedom weapon dynamics model. The 20 degrees of freedom integrated model includes the bounce, pitch, roll, longitudinal, lateral and yaw motions of the sprung mass and rotational dynamics of the 14 unsprung masses. The 7 degrees of freedom weapon model comprises the coupled elevation and azimuth dynamics. The coupled weapon model includes angular rotation of the elevation drive, breech and muzzle in elevation direction, as well as, angular rotation of the azimuth drive, turret, breech and muzzle in azimuth direction. The actual physical behaviour of each of the hydro-gas trailing arm suspension units is implemented in the governing differential equations. The non-linear governing equations also incorporate the dynamic coupling between each of the axle arms and sprung mass, which is an inherent behaviour of the trailing arm suspension, unlike their equivalent vertical representation. The integrated model has been simulated for different cornering manoeuvres at specified speeds. It is observed that the sprung mass dynamics, emanating from different manoeuvres, significantly affects the coupled elevation and azimuth dynamics responses of the weapon. The weapon dynamics model coupled with the integrated ride and cornering dynamics model of the military vehicle, would be useful for implementation of a suitable robust gun control system in military vehicles. © IMechE 2018.
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