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Effect of fin cant angle on coning stability of an unguided artillery rocket
Anandaraj A., , Joshi D.K., Rajan K.M.
Published in DEStech Publications Inc.
Volume: 1
Pages: 791 - 804
This paper presents the flight stability studies of an unguided artillery rocket withcurved wrap-around fins. Due to asymmetry in the flow field around the fin, curvedwrap-around fins unlike the planar fins exhibit special aerodynamic characteristicssuch as induced roll moment, roll reversal through supersonic Mach number,excessive side force and out-of-plane moment. The out-of-plane moment if notcarefully controlled can lead to severe coning motion of the rocket causing flightinstability and catastrophic failures. Such an artillery rocket which encounteredfailures in several flight tests due to poor dynamic stability is considered for thestudy. The aerodynamic characteristics of the rocket with different finconfigurations is obtained from wind tunnel tests and analyzed to identify theparameters causing the instability. Coning motion stability analysis of the rocket iscarried out for all its configurations to identify the existence and behavior of theinstability. The results obtained from the analysis shows that the stability of therocket improved, by reducing the out-of-plane moment. Hence, a suitable curved finconfiguration is proposed with reduced fin cant angle, to reduce the out-of-planemoment and improve the dynamic stability of the rocket. Trajectory simulation ofthe rocket with both the fin designs is carried out to visualize the improvement inthe performance of the rocket. Flight tests of the rocket with reduced fin cant anglewas carried out and the configuration achieved the desired range with excellentflight stability and consistency. © 2019 by International Ballistics Society All rights reserved.
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JournalProceedings - 31st International Symposium on Ballistics, BALLISTICS 2019
PublisherDEStech Publications Inc.
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