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Detection of engine knock using speed oscillations in a single-cylinder spark-ignition engine
Published in SAE International
Volume: 2019
In the present work, the possibility of engine knock detection is investigated based on in-cycle speed data, which is readily available to the ECU. Experiments were conducted at 3000 rpm with wide-open throttle condition in a single-cylinder, air-cooled, port-fuel-injection spark-ignition engine at different levels of knocking. It was found that amplitude of speed oscillations increased with the knock intensity for considered window with the size of 100 crank angle degree, starting from the top dead center of compression. The proposed knock indicators based on in-cycle speed oscillations were found to be able to identify the knock-limited spark timings at different operating conditions. Results showed that the amplitude of speed oscillations, derived from in-cycle speed data with resolution of six crank angle degree, could also be used to quantify the knock. The knock frequency based on speed oscillations also showed a sharp increase at the onset of knock. Cycle by cycle knock estimation was also done using the speed oscillations. Thus, methods based on in-cycle oscillations of speed have the potential for detecting the knock in small spark-ignition engines. © 2019 SAE Japan and Copyright © 2019 SAE International
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