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Current atmospheric aerosol research in India
Published in
Volume: 102
Issue: 3
Pages: 440 - 451
Atmospheric aerosols are important from a perspective of ambient air pollution and health to humans and other biological receptors as well as for potential effects on local weather and global climate. This review attempts to account for the different research efforts of individual research groups and regulatory agencies in India on the issue of atmospheric aerosols and their effects. The review refers to representative studies reporting the physical characterization (size), chemical composition (organic and inorganic), radiative forcing effects and health effects of aerosols. There are several reports on source apportionment studies identifying sources of aerosols and some focus on specific issues. The review also points out a significant need for more data with a greater spatial and temporal resolution for better understanding of the dynamics of atmospheric aerosols in the Indian context.
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JournalCurrent Science
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