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All-digital Stokes polarimetry with a digital micromirror device
, Manthalkar A., Nape I., Bordbar N.T., Rosales-Guzman C., Forbes A., Dudley A.
Published in OSA
Volume: 45
Issue: 8
Pages: 2319 - 2322
Stokes polarimetry is widely used to extract the polarization structure of optical fields, typically from six measurements, although it can be extracted from only four. To measure the required intensities, most approaches are based on optical polarization components. In this work, we present an all-digital approach that enables a rapid measure of all four intensities without any moving components. Our method employs a polarization grating (PG) to simultaneously project the incoming mode into left- and right-circular polarized states, followed by a polarization-insensitive digital micromirror device (DMD), which digitally introduces a phase retardance for the acquisition of the remaining two polarization states.We demonstrate how this technique can be applied to measuring the SoP, vectorness, and intramodal phase of optical fields, without any moving components, and shows excellent agreement with theory, illustrating fast, real-time polarimetry. © 2020 Optical Society of America.
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JournalOptics Letters
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