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Aesthetics of excess: The singing and dancing of pey in the folktales from Karisial Kādu
Sudhakaran S.,
Published in Aesthetics Media Services
Volume: 13
Issue: 1
The article explores the singing and dancing of pey, a dual spirit (benevolent and malevolent) found in the folktales from Karisial Kādu (the area around Tuticorin district in southern Tamil Nadu, India) as embodying aesthetics of excess. The tales have been collected by Ki. Rajanarayanan in Natupura Katai Kalañiyam (repository of folktales). Although a dual spirit, pey belongs to the sacred in Karisial Kādu. The divine world of Karisial Kādu populated by folk deities conceptualizes sacred differently from the scriptural religion and its pantheon of pan-Indian deities. This divide in the divine world becomes apparent in an aesthetic that characterizes the singing and dancing of the pey in these stories. As a response to and a manifestation of an excess it disturbs composure and does not fit into the controlled and transcendental aesthetics of Nātyaśāstra. The paper studies this deviant aesthetics associated with the singing and dancing of pey and its function in Karisial Kādu through the lens of the Nietzchean category of the Dionysian. © AesthetixMS 2021.
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JournalRupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities
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