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Venkata Balaji T E
Assistant Professor
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  •  Abhijit Sarkar picture
    Abhijit SarkarProfessor
    • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  •  Arijit Dey picture
    Arijit DeyAssociate Professor
    • Department of Mathematics
  •  Srinivasan Umesh picture
    Srinivasan UmeshProfessor
    • Department of Electrical Engineering
  •  Sudhir Chella Rajan picture
    Sudhir Chella RajanProfessor
    • Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
  •  Manoj Gopalakrishnan picture
    Manoj GopalakrishnanProfessor
    • Department Of Physics
  •  Anubhab Roy picture
    Anubhab RoyAssociate Professor
    • Department of Applied Mechanics
  •  Santanu Ghosh picture
    Santanu GhoshAssociate Professor
    • Department of Aerospace Engineering
  •  S. Surendran picture
    S. SurendranProfessor
    • Department of Ocean Engineering
  •  Senthil Murugan picture
    Senthil MuruganAssistant Professor
    • Department of Aerospace Engineering
  •  Bhargava Rama Chilukuri picture
    Bhargava Rama ChilukuriAssociate Professor
    • Department Of Civil Engineering