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X-ray diffraction and microstructural studies of lime-marine clay reaction products
S. Narasimha Rao
Published in
Volume: 29
Issue: 1
Pages: 1 - 27
Soft clays of low strength and high compressibility are located in many coastal and offshore areas, and they cause several foundation problems for the structures resting on these marine deposits. The necessity to construct engineering structures on these deposits is a challenging task for the civil engineers and there is a need to improve the engineering behavior of these clays. The present investigation deals with an experimental work carried out in the laboratory using lime column and lime injection techniques to stabilize a marine clay. The formation of new reaction products due to soil-lime reactions was studied using XRD and SEM techniques. The results indicated the formation of cementitious compounds such as calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) and calcium aluminate hydrate (CAH) in different lime treated soil systems and it has been observed that their formation was not affected by the presence of sea water. There is a considerable improvement in the physical properties of the lime treated soil systems, and the test results have established that both the lime column and lime injection techniques can be successfully used to improve the behavior of soft marine clayey deposits.
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JournalGeotechnical Engineering
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