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Vertical uplift capacity of a group of two coaxial anchors in a general c-Φ soil
Published in Canadian Science
Volume: 49
Issue: 3
Pages: 367 - 373
The vertical uplift resistance of a group of two horizontal coaxial strip anchors, embedded in a general c-Φ soil (where c is the unit cohesion and Φ is the soil friction angle), has been determined by using the lower bound finite element limit analysis. The variation of uplift factors F c and F γ, due to the components of soil cohesion and unit weight, respectively, with changes in depth (H) / width (B) has been established for different values of vertical spacing (S) /B. As compared to a single isolated anchor, the group of two anchors provides a significantly greater magnitude of F c for Φ≤20° and with H/B ≥ 3. The magnitude of F c becomes almost maximum when S/B is kept closer to 0.5H/B. On the other hand, with the same H/B, as compared to a single anchor, hardly any increase in F γ occurs for a group of two anchors.
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JournalCanadian Geotechnical Journal
PublisherCanadian Science
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