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Variable Radial Magnetic Field for Debris Eviction in EDM
K. Durai, P. K. Philip
Published in
Volume: 77
Issue: NOV
Pages: 129 - 135
The gap contamination caused by the eroded debris has many undesirable effects on the gap phenomena in EDM. This necessitates effective debris eviction from spark gap. Application of magnetic field is a simple and effective method of achieving this and forms the subject of this investigation. In this paper a variable radial magnetic field using a permanent ring magnet has been dealt with. This concept is utilised to investigate the effect of magnetic field on various parameters such as MRR, surface roughness, dielectric turbidity and debris size. Pulse train analysis, surface morphology and resolidified layer studies have also been carried out in this paper.
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JournalJournal of the Institution of Engineers (India): Mechanical Engineering Division
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