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Use of modified international council of ophthalmology-ophthalmology surgical competency assessment rubric (ICO-OSCAR) for phacoemulsification-wet lab training in residency program
J. Farooqui, A. Jaramillo, , A. Gomaa
Published in Medknow Publications
PMID: 28905845
Volume: 65
Issue: 9
Pages: 898 - 899

I am writing this letter to discuss a very important issue that we face in Ophthalmology training in the current day scenario in our country. India is home to a quarter of the blind population of the world, but unfortunately, the number of trained ophthalmologists is lagging behind the current need.[1,2] Our country needs 25,000–30,000 ophthalmologists till 2020, which means adding 300 training slots per year.[1] This needs a major revamp of our residency system as the existing system is found to be inadequate in its current form.

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JournalIndian Journal of Ophthalmology
PublisherMedknow Publications