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Understanding the holographic principle via RG flow
Published in World Scientific Publishing
Volume: 31
Issue: 34
This is a review of some recent works which demonstrate how the classical equations of gravity in AdS themselves hold the key to understand their holographic origin in the form of a strongly coupled large N QFT whose algebra of local operators can be generated by a few (single-trace) elements. I discuss how this can be realized by reformulating Einstein's equations in AdS in the form of a nonperturbative RG flow that further leads to a new approach toward constructing strongly interacting QFTs. In particular, the RG flow can self-determine the UV data that are otherwise obtained by solving classical gravity equations and demanding that the solutions do not have naked singularities. For a concrete demonstration, I focus on the hydrodynamic limit in which case this RG flow connects the AdS/CFT correspondence with the membrane paradigm, and also reproduces the known values of the dual QFT transport coefficients. © 2016 World Scientific Publishing Company.
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JournalInternational Journal of Modern Physics A
PublisherWorld Scientific Publishing
Open AccessNo