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Two Different, Metal-Dependent Coordination Modes of a Dicarbene Ligand
, Maity Ramananda, Schulte to Brinke Christian, Kösters Jutta, Ekkehardt Hahn F.
Published in American Chemical Society (ACS)
Volume: 32
Issue: 21
Pages: 6174 - 6177

The bisimidazolium salt H2-1(PF6)2 featuring a bridging 1,4-phenylene group reacts with 0.5 equiv of [PdCl(allyl)]2 in the presence of Cs2CO3 to give the dinuclear complex [2](PF6)2, whereas the reaction of the same bisimidazolium salt with 0.5 equiv of [Ir(Cl)2(Cp*)]2 yields the mononuclear orthometalated complex [3]PF6 with one remaining imidazolium unit. The unreacted imidazolium group in complex [3]PF6, however, can also be metalated with RhIII to yield the doubly orthometalated heterobimetallic complex [4]. In complex [4], each MIII center (M = IrIII and RhIII) is coordinated by one NHC unit and orthometalates the central aryl ring of the ligand.

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