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Tuning nano electric field to affect restrictive membrane area on localized single cell nano-electroporation
, P.-C. Wang, H.-Y. Chang, F.-G. Tseng
Published in
Volume: 103
Issue: 23
Interaction of electric field with biological cells is an important phenomenon for field induced drug delivery system. We demonstrate a selective and localized single cell nano-electroporation (LSCNEP) by applying an intense electric field on a submicron region of the single cell membrane, which can effectively allow high efficient molecular delivery but low cell damage. The delivery rate is controlled by adjusting transmembrane potential and manipulating membrane status. Thermal and ionic influences are deteriorated from the cell membrane by dielectric passivation. Either reversible or irreversible by LSCNEP can fully controlled with potential applications in medical diagnostics and biological studies. © 2013 AIP Publishing LLC.
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JournalApplied Physics Letters
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