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Trapping of Aqueous Droplets under Surface Acoustic Wave-Driven Streaming in Oil-Filled Microwells
A. Nath, A. Sudeepthi,
Published in American Chemical Society
PMID: 35395155
Volume: 38
Issue: 15
Pages: 4763 - 4773
Microwell arrays are ideal platforms for cell culturing, cell separation, and low-volume liquid handling. The ability to manipulate droplets in microwells could open up the opportunity for developing new biochemical assays. Here, we study the trapping of aqueous droplets in an oil-filled microwell driven by the application of nanometer amplitude vibrations called surface acoustic waves (SAW). We elucidate the dynamics of the droplet within the vortex toward the final trapping location and the physics of the trapping phenomenon using a theoretical model by considering the relevant forces. Our study revealed that the combined effect of acoustic radiation and hydrodynamic forces leads to droplet migration and trapping. We demarcate the trapping and nontrapping regimes in terms of the minimum critical input power required for the trapping of droplets of different sizes and densities. We find that the critical power varies as the square of the droplet size and is higher for a denser droplet. The effects of input power and droplet size on the trapping location and trapping time are also studied. © 2022 American Chemical Society.
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