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Transport anomalies and marginal-Fermi-liquid effects at a quantum critical point
Belitz D., Kirkpatrick T.R., , Vojta T.
Published in American Inst of Physics, Woodbury, NY, United States
Volume: 85
Issue: 21
Pages: 4602 - 4605
The effects of the ferromagnetic quantum critical point on the transport, tunneling, and quasiparticle properties of disordered metals were analyzed. The crossover between the critical fluctuations and the temperature dependencies, distinct from the long time tail effects in a disordered Fermi liquid, was analyzed. The quasiparticle properties at criticality were shown to be those of a marginal Fermi liquid.
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JournalPhysical Review Letters
PublisherAmerican Inst of Physics, Woodbury, NY, United States
Open AccessNo