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Tone burst eddy current thermography for estimation of corrosion defects in aircraft components
Published in
Volume: 1430
Issue: 31
Pages: 425 - 432
Tone Burst Eddy Current Thermography (TBET) technique was used for the evaluation of corrosion type damage in Aluminum plate like structures. Both flat and curved components were considered. The effect of the parameters affecting the eddy current generation of head in the metal, including excitation frequency, electrical conductivity, standoff distances, etc were considered in optimizing the heat generation. The thermal diffusivity and thickness of the metal structure were considered while selecting the detection of the signal using a thermal sensitive IR Camera. The experiments were conducted using test samples that had simulated defects with different wall thickness losses. The experiments were supported by a multiphysics 3D Finite Element Model (FEM) using COMSOL. The results were compared with the experimental results. It was determined that this technique has some advantages for the inspection aircraft structural components compared to other modalities, particularly in curved regions. © 2012 American Institute of Physics.
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JournalAIP Conference Proceedings
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