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Theory and design of perfect reconstruction transmultiplexers and their relation to perfect reconstruction QMF banks
, Nguyen T.Q., Vaidyanathan P.P.
Published in Publ by Maple Press, Inc, San Jose
Volume: 1
Pages: 247 - 251
An analysis is presented of the perfect reconstruction transmultiplexer (PR-TMUX) based on the polyphase component matrices of the filter banks used in TDM → FDM and FDM → TDM conversion respectively. Using that, a necessary and sufficient condition for complete crosstalk cancellation (CC) is obtained. The close relation between PR-TMUX filters and PR-QMF banks is used to obtain a direct design procedure for PR-TMUX filters.
About the journal
JournalConference Record - Asilomar Conference on Circuits, Systems & Computers
PublisherPubl by Maple Press, Inc, San Jose
Open AccessNo