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The Salivary Gland Chromosomes of the Black fly Simulium (Simulium) singtamense (Diptera: Simuliidae).
K. Dey S., Henry W.,
Published in International Society of Cytology
Volume: 58
Issue: 3
Pages: 299 - 304

Standard maps of polytene salivary gland chromosomes of black fly species Simulium (Simulium) singtamense have been prepared. It revealed normal simuliid complement of n=3 chromosomes. Two homologues of each polytene chromosomes are tightly synapsed and are provided with identifiable centromeres. First two chromosomes are metacentric while the third one is submetacentric. Characteristic landmarks of polytene chromosomes such as Balbiani Ring, nucleolar organiser, puff and characteristic banding patterns have been described and compared with those of congeneric species. © 1993, Japan Mendel Society, International Society of Cytology. All rights reserved.

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PublisherInternational Society of Cytology
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