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The Origin of Sequential Chromospheric Brightenings
S. Kirk M., , Jackiewicz J., R. Gilbert H.
Published in Springer Science and Business Media LLC
Volume: 292
Issue: 6

Sequential Chromospheric Brightenings (SCBs) are often observed in the immediate vicinity of erupting flares and are associated with coronal mass ejections. When SCBs are observed, they routinely appear before the peak emission of the flare and several hours before the first detection of a coupled CME. Since their initial discovery in 2005, there have been several subsequent investigations of SCBs. In each case, these sudden, small-scale brightenings provide vital clues regarding the mechanisms of large-scale energy release in the solar atmosphere. We make use of an automated detection algorithm developed by Kirk et al. (2013) to extract the physical qualities of SCBs in 11 flares of varying size and intensity. Using complementary magnetic field measurements, we also model the potential field beneath these brightenings. We conclude that SCBs originate in the lower corona around 0.1 R above the photosphere, propagate away from the flare center at speeds 35 - 85 km s-1, and have typical photosphere magnetic intensities 257± 37 G. In light of these measurements, we conclude that SCBs are distinctive chromospheric signatures of erupting coronal mass ejections.

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