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The decomposition of H2O2 catalyzed by polymer supported transition metal complexes
Venkatanarayana Mahadevan
Published in
Volume: 120
Issue: 1-3
Pages: 47 - 54
The synthesis and use of nitrogen-containing copolymers for anchoring Ru(II) and Rh(I) species is described. The supported species are effective as catalysts for the decomposition of H2O2 in aqueous medium at neutral pH. The polymers as well as the supported catalysts have been characterised by physical and chemical methods. The effects of [H2O2], catalyst loading and pH of the medium on the rate of decomposition have been studied. Suitable mechanisms have been proposed to account for the kinetics. Recycling efficiencies of the catalysts are found to be good.
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JournalJournal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical
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