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The 2004 ultrasonic benchmark problem - SDH response under oblique incidence: Measurements and patch element model calculations
M. Shankar, J. Vishnu Vardhan, ,
Published in
Volume: 820 II
Pages: 1820 - 1827
The 2004 ultrasonic benchmark problem requires models to predict, given a reference pulse waveform, the pulse echo response of cylindrical voids of various radii located in an elastic solid for various incidence angles of a transducer immersed in water. We present the results of calculations based on the patch element model, recently developed at CNDE, to determine the response of an SDH in aluminum for specific oblique incidence angles. Patch element model calculations for a scan across the SDH, involving a range of oblique incidence angles, are also presented. Measured pulse-echo scans involving the SDH response under oblique incidence conditions are reported. In addition, through transmission measurements involving a pinducer as a receiver and an immersion planar probe as a transmitter under oblique incidence conditions are also reported in a defect-free Aluminum block. These pinducer-based measurements on a defect-free block are utilised to characterize the fields at the chosen depth. Comparisons are made between predictions and measurements for the pulse-echo response of a SDH. © 2006 American Institute of Physics.
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JournalAIP Conference Proceedings
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