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Temperature Homogeneity under Selective and Localized Microwave Heating in Structured Flow Reactors
Malhotra A., Chen W., , Plaza-Gonzalez P.J., Julian I., Catala-Civera J.M., Vlachos D.G.
Published in ACS Publications
Volume: 60
Issue: 18
Pages: 6835 - 6847
Selective heating of different phases of multiphase systems via microwaves can result in energy savings and suppression of side reactions. However, materials properties and operating conditions that maximize temperature gradients are poorly understood. Here we utilize computational fluid dynamics (CFD) computations and temperature measurements in structured flow reactors (monoliths) in a monomodal microwave cavity to assess the temperature difference between the walls and the fluid and develop a simple lumped model to estimate when temperature gradients exist. We also explore the material's thermal and electrical properties of structured reactors for isothermal catalyst conditions. We propose that CFD simulations can be used as a nonintrusive, predictive tool of temperature homogeneity. Importantly, we demonstrate that localized heating in the bed under several conditions rather than selective heating is responsible for the selectivity enhancement. Our results indicate that structured beds made of high thermal conductivity materials avoid arcing and enable temperature homogeneity and low electrical conductivity materials allow microwaves to penetrate the domain. ©
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JournalIndustrial and Engineering Chemistry Research
PublisherACS Publications
Open AccessNo