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Studies on gasification of char in fixed bed reactor
, Mandapati R.N., Sateesh D., Narseh D., Mahajani S.M., Sharma R.K.
Published in
Volume: 2
Pages: 981 - 994
In the present work, we study gasification of char obtained by pyrolysis of Indian Lignite coal, in a fixed bed reactor. Because of its operational flexibility, the fixed bed reactor (FBR) can be conveniently used to carry out endothermic reactions under controlled conditions. The present work is focused on how various operating parameters such as temperature, flow rate, particle size and pressure affect the extent of the steam and CO2 gasification reactions. A broad objective of this work is to develop a kinetic model, identify mass and heat transfer limitations, if any, based on this data and further support the results obtained by carrying out independent thermogravimetric analysis.
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Journal27th Annual International Pittsburgh Coal Conference 2010, PCC 2010
Open AccessNo