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Studies in vibration milling
R. Vedaraman, N. M. Raghavendra, D. Venkateswarlu
Published in
Volume: 4
Issue: 6
Pages: 313 - 321
The results of 300 experimental runs on vibration milling of soapstone, graphite, cXte, magnesite, rock phosphate, granite and zirX sand covering particle size range of (-0.25+0.10) to (-1.00+ 0.80) mm, density range of 2.29-4.59 g/cm3, hardness range of 1-7 Mho's hardness number and surface energy range of 4.50-38.66 kgf m/m2, are presented. The results obtained were used to determine (1) the effect of grinding characteristics (feed weight, feed particle size, ball charge, density of ball material, weight ratio and mill filling ratio), (2) the effect of material characteristics, (3) the comparative performance of vibration mill and ball mill, and to compare the specific surface areas produced by grindability apparatus, vibration mill and ball mill. Correlations for grinding energy consumption and rate of grinding are presented. © 1971.
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JournalPowder Technology
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