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Studies in pyrolysis and combustion of Indian coals using thermogravimetric analyzer
, Khadse A., Ghoroi C., Mahajani S.
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Experiments are performed to study the pyrolysis and combustion reactions for Indian coals using a Thermogravimetric Analyzer (NETZSCH STA 409 PC/PG). Burning profiles and volatile release profiles are obtained at various heating rates, in both air and inert atmospheres, from 25 to 1000 °C for three coal samples. Peak temperatures are obtained and activation energies are calculated. The activation energies are in the range 68.49-100.29 kJ/mol at a heating rate of 10 °C /min, 66-88.13 kJ/mol at 20 °C /min and 52.74-74.93 kJ/mol at 30 °C /min, for the combustion reaction. For pyrolysis, activation energies are in the range 34.79-147.99 kJ/mol at 10 °C /min, 38.40-166.74 kJ/mol at 20 °C /min and 36.72-167.46 kJ/mol at 30 °C /min.
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Journal23rd Annual International Pittsburgh Coal Conference, PCC - Coal-Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development
Open AccessNo