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Single-shot generation of composite optical vortex beams using hybrid binary fork gratings
N. Kumar, A. Arora,
Published in The Optical Society
PMID: 34809177
Volume: 29
Issue: 21
Pages: 33703 - 33715
We design and experimentally demonstrate a simple, single-shot method for the generation of arbitrary composite vortex (CV) beams using hybrid binary fork gratings (hBFG). These gratings were computationally generated by removing the central region around the fork-dislocation of azimuthal charge ℓ1 and substituting it with a BFG of a different charge ℓ2. The geometrical parameters of hBFGs were optimized for the efficient generation of CV beams. The method was further extended to the generation of CV beams consisting of three different ℓ and of higher radial charges p. This simple generation method may be useful to generate complex beam shapes with engineered phase fronts without complicated interferometry based techniques. © 2021 Optical Society of America under the terms of the OSA Open Access Publishing Agreement.
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JournalOptics Express
PublisherThe Optical Society