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Self-Assembly of Precision Noble Metal Nanoclusters: Hierarchical Structural Complexity, Colloidal Superstructures, and Applications
Rival J.V., Mymoona P., Lakshmi K.M., , Shibu E.S.
Published in Wiley Online Library
Ligand protected noble metal nanoparticles are excellent building blocks for colloidal self-assembly. Metal nanoparticle self-assembly offers routes for a wide range of multifunctional nanomaterials with enhanced optoelectronic properties. The emergence of atomically precise monolayer thiol-protected noble metal nanoclusters has overcome numerous challenges such as uncontrolled aggregation, polydispersity, and directionalities faced in plasmonic nanoparticle self-assemblies. Because of their well-defined molecular compositions, enhanced stability, and diverse surface functionalities, nanoclusters offer an excellent platform for developing colloidal superstructures via the self-assembly driven by surface ligands and metal cores. More importantly, recent reports have also revealed the hierarchical structural complexity of several nanoclusters. In this review, the formulation and periodic self-assembly of different noble metal nanoclusters are focused upon. Further, self-assembly induced amplification of physicochemical properties, and their potential applications in molecular recognition, sensing, gas storage, device fabrication, bioimaging, therapeutics, and catalysis are discussed. The topics covered in this review are extensively associated with state-of-the-art achievements in the field of precision noble metal nanoclusters. © 2021 Wiley-VCH GmbH
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