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Selected Reactions on (R)Ph2PNS3N3 Heterocycles: Exploration of chemical behavior and reactivity
Colacot J. Thomas, Madhugiri N. Sudheendra Rao
Published in
Volume: 615
Issue: 9
Pages: 149 - 154
Reactions of (R)Ph2PNS3N3 heterocycles with olefins such as norbornadiene, norbornene and dicyclopentadiene have yielded different results. Like Ph3PNS3N3, (R)Ph2PNS3N3 (R = C4H8N, C5H10N, C6H12N, CH3NC4H8N and OC4H8N) compounds have given the cycloaddition products (R)Ph2PNS3N3 · C7H8 (yield 41 ‐ 62%) with norbornadiene, while norbornene and dicyclopentadiene have not produced the corresponding adducts under identical conditions. With Ph3PNS3N3 both norbornene and dicyclopentadiene have given the ring expanded heterocycle, 1,5‐[Ph3PN]2S4N4 in ca. 65% yield. The solution phase decomposition studies of (secondary amino) Ph2PNS3N3 derivatives have lead to the formation of (R)Ph2PNH2+X−, while (primary amino) Ph2PNS3N3 has given Ph2PS2N3 heterocycle in ca. 80% yield. Acid hydrolysis of (R)Ph2PNS3N3 derivatives has resulted in the isolation of Ph2P(O)OH in all the cases, where R is an amino group. Copyright © 1992 Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim
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