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Response of plates with unconstrained layer damping treatment to random acoustic excitation, part II: Response evaluation
Natrajan Ganesan, B. V.A. Rao
Published in
Volume: 69
Issue: 1
Pages: 45 - 57
Theoretical and experimental investigations on the response of a plate with unconstrained layer damping treatment to random acoustic excitation have been carried out. The theoretical response evaluation consisted of determining the power spectral density of the acceleration response of the layered plate by the use of generalized harmonic analysis under a specific random acoustic excitation, with use being made of modal frequencies and associated loss factors estimated as described in Part I. A study was made on the contribution of cross coupling terms of the acceleration response for the two boundary conditions investigated: namely, all edges simply supported and all edges clamped. In the experimental investigation, plates with different damping layer thicknesses were subjected to high intensity random acoustic excitation generated by an exponential horn driven by an electropneumatic transducer. The acceleration responses were recorded and later analyzed to yield the power spectral densities. Experimental and theoretical results are compared. © 1980.
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JournalJournal of Sound and Vibration
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