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Pressure drop studies on two-phase flow in a uniformly heated vertical tube at pressures up to the critical point
, Arcot R. Balakrishnan
Published in
Volume: 50
Issue: 9-10
Pages: 1879 - 1891
Measurements of two-phase flow pressure drop have been made during a phase-change heat transfer process with refrigerant (R-134a) as a working fluid for a wide range of pressures right up to the critical pressure. The experiments were conducted in a uniformly heated vertical tube of 12.7 mm internal diameter and 3 m length over a heat flux range of 35-80 kW/m2, mass flux range of 1200-2000 kg/m2 s, exit quality range of 0.19-0.81 and for reduced pressures ranging from 0.24 to 1 with a fixed inlet subcooling of 3 °C. The measurements were compared with the predictions from the homogeneous flow model, a separated flow model using correlations drawn from the literature for void fraction and frictional pressure drop, and finally, using a flow pattern-based predictive method accounting specifically for bubbly, slug and annular flow regimes. It was found that the best results were obtained with the flow pattern-based approach with a mean deviation of ±20% over the entire pressure range. © 2006 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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JournalInternational Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
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    Bubbles (in fluids)
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    Flow patterns
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    Heat flux
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    Heat transfer
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    Pressure drop
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    Void fraction
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    Two phase flow